Welcome to Portrait of a Demon King, a Kyoh Kara Maoh! scans gallery.

  Site Purpose

I originally started this website as a place to house my scans of Kyoh Kara Maoh! magazine illustrations, basically just so that I could share them with other fans in livejournal communities, etc. But eventually, I started collecting other Kyoh Kara Maoh! images for my own personal use - images that I had found posted online in message boards, in livejournals, and in personal blogs. I felt that images and scans in the Kyoh Kara Maoh! fandom were widely scattered, decentralized, and usually only available to a few viewers on a temporary basis. Now, I'm as much of an image whore as I am a big fan of collecting and organizing stuff, so I started thinking to myself, wouldn't it be a good idea to post all of the Maoh images that I have on one permanent website so that anyone could access them anytime? I thought it would also be nice for Maoh fans to have a plethora of scans at their fingertips with one click of a button, instead of having to search through months and months of archives in the Maoh livejournal community for picture-posts, as was MY previous search method. Thus, I started asking around, getting permission from plenty of generous people to post their scans, and rebuilding this website from scratch. Now this website houses not only my own scans, but the scans of many other fans as well, scans that might not have previously been available to a wider general audience. I hope that this website will continue to serve as an all-purpose, open-to-everyone archive for Maoh! scans for a long time.

  Usage Policy

Please feel free to take and use any of the scans that you find on this website - after all, that's what they're here for. ;) However, if you take an image scanned by me, I would ask you to kindly credit and link back to this website. I spent many hours scanning and editing these images, so I would appreciate a link back to this site. If you take an image scanned by one of the wonderful people who have donated scans to this website, then be sure to credit that source instead. For example, if you take an images that has been noted to have been scanned by "The Hawks," then be sure to credit and link back to The Hawks' website, and NOT boukenshin.net. Comprehende? It's really quite simple. Just credit the source of the scan, that's all.

  Legal Disclaimer

I already put this on the main index, but it just can't be repeated enough. Kyoh Kara Maoh! and the Ma no Tsuku novels are copyrighted by Tomo Takabayashi, Temari Matsumoto, Kadokawa Shoten, Studio DEEN, NHK, Geneon, and a plethora of other companies. All images scanned and archived within this website are copyrighted by their respective creators. However, this page functions as a fansite, and is not intended to make a profit. Thank you!

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