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  January 2008 Newtype Scans


Source: scanned by me.
The first official Newtype illustration after long dry spell. Even Wolfram looks happy. Which shouldn't be true, seeing as how he's on a boat, but...

Image Cross-Reference: Daikenkyuu 3 artbook scan.

  Winter 2008 Newtype Romance Scans

Plastic book cover, packaging, and article pages. // Image Source: Scanned by me.
My apologies that I couldn't get a good scan of the book cover, but it was sticky and kept getting bunched up and stuck to my scanner bed.

Image Cross-References
Packaging: Newtype Romance Spring 2007 cover.
Page 01: Daikenkyuu 3 artbook scan.
Page 03: OAV volume 02 DVD cover illustration.
Page 04: Check out various issues of Newtype Romance from 2006 and 2007, as well as the novels and manga galleries.
Page 05: Newtype Romance Fall 2006, and Newtype Romance Summer 2007.
Page 06: OAV volume 03 DVD cover, Character Designs, and Character Album.
Page 07: PS2 Game gallery.

  Newtype April 2008 Scans

Autopgraphed phone cards. // Image Source: Scanned by me.
It's April, and you know what that means! Sorry that these images are so small. Anyway, these are autographed phonecards that you could enter a lottery drawing to obtain. The first is drawn by Temari Matsumoto, the novel illustrator and manga artist. The second is by Yuka Kudo, the character designer for the anime.

  Spring 2008 Newtype Romance Scans

Cover, advertisements, and articles. // Image Source: Scanned by me.
Wow that is some epic pornface, Yuuri. Wow that is some epic fashion failure, Wolfram. Just wow. BTW, I included a screencap of the official anime homepage, just to have a clearer version of the artwork at the bottom of the third scan.

Image Cross-References
Illustration: Daikenkyuu 3 artbook, and a Shitajiki scan.
Advertisement/S3 Promo: Daikenkyuu 3, Animage May 2008, and reprint novel covers.
Page 02: OAV volume 04 and 05 DVD cover illustrations.
Page 03: PS2 Game gallery.
Page 04: Daikenkyuu 2 artbook, Newtype Romance Fall 2006, and a Carnival card.
Page 06: Character Designs, Character CD Singles, and a Radio CD cover.

  June 2008 Newtype Scans


Image Source: scanned by me.
Here's an article and a quick preview of the upcoming Season 3 opening and ending theme single.

Image Cross-Reference: CD Soundtrack scans, obviously.

  Summer 2008 Newtype Romance Scans

Illustration and even photographs. // Image Source: Scanned by me.
Is it just me, or is there something off about Conrad's hair and Yuuri's hair? Like... There's too much of it. In both cases.

Image Cross-Reference: Daikenkyuu 3 artbook scan.

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