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1. Official Websites
      Maru-Ma.com (novels and drama CDs)
      Asuka Magazine (manga)
      Kadokawa Shoten special Maruma page
      NHK Homepage (anime)
      OAV Series Homepage (anime)
      Presepe OAV Special Homepage
      Shima X Shima (Japanese DVD special site)
      Web Radio Homepage
      Shin Makoku Official Blog
      Geneon Homepage (anime)
      Funimation Homepage (anime)
      Madman Homepage (anime)
      HnT PS2 Game Homepage
      SMnK PS2 Game Homepage

2. Fansites: Information, Translations, and Scanslations
      Kyou Kara Maou @ Newbieguide (seriously, it's got everything)
      Alter Ego
      Flame Mazoku
      The Royal Couple
      Golden Jade Azure Dream
      Kyou Kara Maou Unofficial Reference Guide
      Newbie Guide to the KKM Fandom
      Kyou Kara Maou Name Explanations (outdated?)
      Oresama Quest PC Game Walkthrough
      Chinese novel translations
      Novel translations by Vivarina
      Novel Translations @ Onadoru Euphoria
      Some English novel summaries and translations
      Novel translation by Pandaberryjam
      Novel translation by Niveous_Magics
      Lots more novel summaries and translations (thank you tags!!)
      Dark Kitsune Scanslations
      KKM_Manga Scanslations
      Aku Tenshi Scanslations
      Kurai Ryu Scanslations
      Episode summaries 1-78 by kkm_rewatch
      Episode Summaries 1-8 by Cinnamon Ass
      Episode Summaries 21-41 by thisissong
      Episode Summaries 59-78 by kyou_kara_maou Community
      Kyou Kara Maou! @ ANN Encyclopedia

3. Fansites: Media
      Manga (Chinese) at Sky-fire.com
      Novels (Chinese) at Sky-fire.com
      Screencaps episodes 1-19
      Screencaps episodes 20-42
      Screencaps episodes 43-78, 79+, and OAV
      Screencaps episodes 1-78 by kkm_rewatch
      Screencaps episodes 40-78 by kyou_kara_maou Community

4a. Fansites: Community: Livejournal
      Main Livejournal Community
      Other LJ communities and RPGs

4b. Fansites: Community: Not Livejournal
      Kyou Kara Maou Fanfic Archive
      KKM @ Fanfiction.net
      Kyou Kara Maou Tribute (Discussion Board)
      DeviantArt Community

5. Fansites: Fanfic and Fanart: Japanese only
      Earthly Paradise
      Cream Hause
      Private Garden
      Web Gabriel
      maruma page
      Nyanko Teikoku
      Ya Ma Ne Ya

6. Other Fanstuff in English
      Dress Me Up Conrad
      Peach Dahlia
      Fanfiction by Kiya
      Cosplay Gathering @ Yaoicon 2004
      Kyou Kara Maou! Jigsaw Puzzles

7. Other Fanstuff in Japanese
      Ma no Tsuku Cosplay
      Makoku Satsueikai (cosplay)
      Murayu Doukoukai (Muraken x Yuuri)
      Yuuri x Wolfram Union
      Maruma Webring
      Conrad Uke Webring
      Online RPG Game: save Muraken!

8. Fanlistings
I hate listing these things, so just go here to find them all.

  Shopping Links

Here are the online dealers that I use to get my Maou fix. I have used all of these dealers before, and would recommend them to anybody. I will not link to a store that I have not personally ordered from, or cannot vouch for.

Kyou Kara Maou! anime goods @ amazon.co.jp
Order the DVDs, soundtracks, and even piano sheet music from this Japanese megastore. Site is Japanese only, but they ship internationally.

Novels by Tomo Takabayashi @ amazon.co.jp
You can find all of the Ma no Tsuku novels listed here. Site is Japanese only, but they ship internationally.

A Maine-based Japanese bookstore that carries the Takabayashi novels, as well as piano music from the anime. Website is in English; ships internationally.

Kyou Kara Maou! anime goods @ CDJapan
Japanese DVDs, music CDs, and VHS tapes. Site is in English, but based in Japan; ships internationally.

Kyo Kara Maoh! @ amazon.com
The good old standby. Order North American DVDs from this online megastore.

Magazine Links
I'm often asked, where you do get the magazines that you scan? Well, when I lived in Japan, I could pick them up at my local bookstore. Now that I've moved to Minnesota, however, that's no longer the case. ^^;; I have to rely on online dealers for my magazine fix, so here are a few that I would recommend.
Subscriptions: Sasugabooks.com | AnimeNation.com | CDJapan
Individual Issues: AnimeNation.com | AnimeGamersUSA.com | Akadot Retail

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