The February 2006 issue of Newtype USA has an interview with Tomo Takabayashi, the creator of KKM. This was typed by Maiyura.

A creator influenced by anime.

How do you feel now that the anime adaptation of your novel is out?

Tomo Takabayashi: It makes me blush! As I'm watching it, I wince whenever I hear a line directly from one of my novels. I keep burying my face in my hands and peering through my fingers. Thank goodness for thenew scenes they came up with for the anime - during those, I can just relax and enjoy myself. They're fun!

Do you talk with Temari Matsumoto (the illustrator for the novels) about the anime?

TT: I find it easier to visualize a number of the characters now - Stoffel, for instance. I"m particularly delighted at the way they're using my favorite characters. Mr. Baldy and Dakaskos are wondeful! Especially the scene where Mr. Baldy introduces himself. I was in awe because it was exactly as I'd envisioned it. And Lady Cecile was so adorable as a selfish little kid. It's also really cute how her youngest boy is always so jealous.

A lot of Newtype Japan readers say that Wolfram is their favorite anime character.

TT: Actually, I voted too. Remember the issue that had one of Temari's posters? I received one for free, and then I bought another at the bookstore. On the questionnaire inside, I said that Wolfram was my favorite character and that I was 13 years old. Then I wrote my 13-year old dog's name on the form.

There have been a number of KKM events in Japan where fans can get together and meet voice actors and such. Do you follow them?

Sure. In fact, I went with Temari to one in Ginza, and even wrote part of the script for the sketch they did onstage. That was really embarrassing. I was sitting up in the second-story staff seats, all hunched over with my hands over my head like I was preparing for a crash landing. I felt like a newbie writer watching their work being performed by a famous comedian on live TV. Or something. That was a weird example, wasn't it?

The voice cast for anime is as good as it gets.

I left the casting up to the professionals, but I'm very happy with the choices they made. The characters even sound handsome! As a matter of fact, the voice work has inspired me on a number of occassions, convincing me to make Wolfram more manly, Yuri more passionate, Gwendal more obessed with cute things and Anissina and Gunter just more messed up in general. I've also been very impressed with the series organizer Akemi Omode and the rest of the scriptwriting team. I get excited over every new episode script. I can't get over the fact that I'm one of the only people in the world who gets to read them.

Many of the concepts in the show are original to the anime version. How do you feel about that?

The Sucker-boy [Maiyura note: the machine they put on Gwendal's head to try and suck the crown off] did me in. I couldn't believe it! And I'm also jealous about the anime version of the sand bear. . . it didn't make any noise in my version. I wish it did.

Speaking of changes in the anime, did you notice that Yuri's hair grows longer when he's in Demon King mode?

Makes him look much more manly, doesn't it? I think it looks great. That kind of thing is only possible in anime. Even if I'd written something like that into the novels, I don't think readers could have immediately visualized the effect. They were also able to make the Demon King's facial expressions harsher in the anime.

You're still putting out new novels aren't you?

Of course! But lately, there've been lots of serious scenes in the novels, which saps my energy. There are some heavy things going on in Yuri's life. I'm making everything else cheerful to balance it out!